Alpha Male

Got Age?

al·pha Ma·le: noun – Definition: a domineering man; the dominant member in a group of males Etymology: from first letter of the Greek alphabet, often used as an adjective to describe males and females of species who rank first in a group.


tes·tos·ter·one- noun – Definition: Biochemistry. the sex hormone, C19H28O2, secreted by the testes, that stimulates the development of male sex organs, secondary sexual traits, muscle and bone mass and dominant male personality traits.


tes·tos·ter·one re·pub·lic. Special noun – Definition: the world at large with a program developed by Lifestyle Clinics to turn common men into alpha males to be the last men standing.


Does anything need to be said any more?


There are more than 200 symptoms associated with male hormone deficiency and many present with diferent clinical findings and remain hard to detect. Listed below are just a few of the general symptoms to provide you with a broader understanding of how the male hormone works and how it can affect our health. Check those that apply to you.


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1. Depression and anxiety 29. Depression
2. Erectile dysfunction 30. Disturbing or inappropriate thoughts or impulses
3. Fatigue 31. Does not follow instructions
4. Joint pain 32. Drinking despite health risks
5. Urinary incontinence 33. Drinking in the morning
6. Delayed erection time 34. Excessive cleaning
7. Extreme and long-lasting exhaustion 35. Excessive exercising
8. Frequent falls 36. Excessive masturbation
9. Hard to awaken 37. Extreme highs and lows in mood
10. High blood pressure 38. Fascination with water
11. Insomnia 39. Fatigue – Mental / Behavioral
12. Less facial and body hair 40. Fear of being abandoned
13. Loss of height 41. Fear of dying
14. Overweight 42. Fear of losing control or going crazy
15. Poor grades on standardized tests 43. Forgetfulness
16. Reduced sex drive 44. Impatient
17. Sleep is not refreshing 45. Low self-esteem
18. Aggressive behavior 46. No motivation
19. Agitation 47. Paranoia
20. Anger problems 48. Perfectionism
21. Anxiety 49. Personality changes
22. Anxiety over change in routine 50. Poor eye contact
23. Arranging objects in certain ways 51. Poor sense of humor
24. Avoiding emotional involvement in sexual relationships 52. Poor social skills
25. Careless mistakes 53. Reduced sex drive
26. Combative behavior 54. Short attention span
27. Crying spells 55. Suicidal thoughts
28. Denial of obvious problems 56. Worrying about having enough alcohol available