Diabetes Secretariat

Recognize it? It's sugar!

A Straight forward, simple advice: “Eat in such a way that you keep your fasting blood glucose level between 70 and 85 mg/dl, and (at most) 70 – 100 mg/dl. After eating!” It i easily achievable as I provide a list of foods with various compositions of carbs, fats and proteins so that you can pick, choose and plan your meals without compromising your health. Remember, it’s the inability of the body to clear glucose from the blood which causes diabetes. So, restrict your carbs and you are good to go. (for those suffering from diabetes and are on any medication, please feel free to contact us)Every time that your glucose level is higher than 85 mg/dl, not only you are aging a little bit faster than the minimum but the same holds true even if it is “normal”.


The higher above 85 you go, the longer it will take for blood glucose to come down to 85 again, and the faster and more seriously will you age. Aging does not occur as a function of the passing of time: hours, or days… Aging occurs as a function of events that occur during the passing of time, the passing of a unit which I will call “high glucose level seconds” or hours, or days.


The following table is an interpretation of the meaning of the various glucose levels.