Diets for Brides & Grooms

Got Weight?

Ethically, I am responsible for the safety of any weight loss program which I design, particularly if you are going to be hit by cameras and flash lights soon. Based on intervention concepts from two of my under published books, Around the Waist in 80 Days, and the Easiest Weight Loss Program in the World, this is an “UNDER 50 POUNDERS PROGRAM” for males and females.


The program initially was focused on brides and grooms as the name implies, but soon the number of patients coming for other health reasons outgrew the real brides and grooms to be. This program comes with all the essentials of skin, health and bone care which allow the patients to reach their weight loss goals for the big day.


Whether you are a young male or female or someone in their late forties or sixties, the program is developed to adjust the bio-chemical and physiological processes and shape the patients back to their twenties.


Essentially, anti-aging is incorporated in this program since any weight loss within 50 pounds presents an easier and doable approach to looking not only smart, but younger.


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