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Dr. Zaar - We Do Everything Different

The core principles of this medical practice comes from an in-depth understanding of the basics of bio-chemistry and physiology. We have evolved from a pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer to a highly technological industrial and agriculture society which has imposed upon us an unnatural, unhealthy nutritional and hormonal internal body environment.


This transition from a Paleolithic to our modern diet has produced a plague of nutritionally related diseases such as heart, arthrosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, renal insufficiency, cancers, male and female reproductive issues, and metabolic syndromes with psychological disorders directly related to environment and genetics and embrace a whole cascade of events leading the world to face its final pandemic onslaught: The Obesity.


This is an interventional endocrinology and nutrition practice which uses bio-identical hormones, nutrition, vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals etc. to exert optimal pharmacologic therapy as the best means to support both our philosophy and the slogan.


I am pleased to present to you a new horizon in medicine where adherence to the basic principles of human bio-chemistry and its physiology is the biggest support providing mathematical precision to your treatment and thus the best safety net to make a health choice for yourself and your families.