Queen of Hearts

Got Age?

Every woman is a queen because without them none of us would be here and their role as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives is irrefutable and so is their health. Women health issues are complex and the stresses that they take during their life spans is subject to diverse hormonal and health challenges.


Its easy for men to lose weight or become 20 years younger, but a difficult proposition when it comes to them. The reason is a difference of the underlying controlling hormones. Whether it’s the physiological challenges of pregnancies or a milieu of pre and post menopausal syndromes, menstrual cycles irregularities or post-partum depression, modern medical approaches to addressing anti-aging in women is now a complete science. Queen of hearts is the accumulation of years of experience where internal physiology and bio-chemical processes can affect external beautification years ahead of time and reversing which is the mainstay of this program.


To cut it all, queens have to be treated as queens and thus this is the flagship program of our practice dedicated to women hormonal and nutritional health.