The Icon Diet

Got Weight?

Don’t underestimate yourself. This program has been inspired by you!…ordinary men and women who come hopeless to my clinic, some crying, others trying for years and then by sheer persistency, will power and a well planned strategy turn into true icons as the most extraordinary people I know.


The name ICON DIET is a dedication to their spirit, will power and determination for enduring the most gruesome task of their lives: LOSING WEIGHT.


These are the people who become beacons of hope for those miserably stranded within their bulk. Exclusively developed for both men and women this ‘Over 50 Pounder Program’ poses the greatest challenges with scores of multiple undetected medical conditions, usually hormonal.


After a comprehensive personal, medical and psychological evaluation, it is not until the results arrive from the labs that the magic begins and the patients are brought down to their most ideal weight.
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